Auto Insurance Claim Denials

Auto Insurance Claim Denials

After a car accident, you need to file an auto insurance claim in order to get your medical expenses covered. But what happens if your insurance claim is denied?

Auto insurance claim denials are happening more often, in cases that are more clearly covered, than they were in previous decades. That is because auto insurance companies have adopted a business strategy that includes denying, disputing, and otherwise delaying paying insurance benefits however they can. It is a strategy designed to help the companies keep more of their profits at the expense of the customers who need their services the most.

Auto Insurance Claims Denials

If the insurance adjuster believes there is something that excuses the company from any payments, your claim will be denied. The most extreme, and least likely, version of this is where the insurance company claims the accident related injuries never happened (a form of insurance fraud). Other times, the various auto insurance companies involved may point fingers at one another for who is responsible to pay. After an auto insurance claim denial you and your auto accident attorney will need to file a lawsuit to collect your benefits.

Disputed Auto Insurance Claims

More often, an insurance adjuster will dispute part of your insurance claim. The company may argue that some part of your treatment was unnecessary or unrelated to the cause of the accident. It could also claim that, while you needed some part of the treatment, further restorative therapy is unnecessary because you have already reached your full potential for recovery. Other times, it will dispute the cost of the services charged by your doctor or hospital.

When the auto insurance provider disputes your auto insurance claim it can delay your recovery and open your case up to further investigation. You may be required to attend a medical examination or provide additional information. If the insurance company still isn’t satisfied, your car accident lawyers will have to take the insurance company to court and let the judge resolve the dispute.

Delays in Receiving Auto Insurance Benefits

Regardless of whether the insurance company denies or disputes your auto insurance claim, the result will likely be the same: delays between your treatments and their payments. And that can put you in a tough spot. Ultimately, if the insurance company refuses to pay your medical expenses you could be on the hook for the cost. If your medical providers get impatient, they could start calling you for payment.

If that happens, make sure they know you are still fighting the insurance company and refer them to your auto accident attorneys. Doctors and hospitals can receive their payments directly from your insurance benefit settlement without making you the middle man, or troubling you with status updates.

David Christensen and the auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law fight the auto insurance companies every day. They know how the industry attorneys use auto insurance claim denials and disputes to delay payments of your benefits, and will fight for you to make sure you get the benefits you need.