Boat Accident Lawyer

Boat Accident Injury LawyerMichigan is one of the top boating states. Residents enjoy this state’s waters – from the Great Lakes to the state’s many rivers and streams. With more people on the water, Michigan residents also run the risk of more boating accidents.

Boat Insurance

Michigan does not require ship owners to purchase boat insurance. If your watercraft is small and inexpensive, you may not think to carry a separate insurance policy. In that case, damage to your boat will be covered by your standard home owner’s insurance policy. Your injuries, on the other hand, will be covered by your personal health insurance.

The more expensive your boat, the more likely you will have a separate boat insurance policy. Insurance that covers your sailboat or speedboat will be based on the value of the watercraft. Depending on your policy, it could apply only during boating season, or it may also cover damage that occurs in dry dock or while transporting your boat to a boat launch. The policy sets the upper limit on how much you can recover after a boating accident.

Boat Accident Lawyer Injury

Your boat insurance policy may also include injuries caused by the use of your ship, to you, your passengers, or anyone else on the water. It will fill in for any deductibles, co-pays, or coinsurance costs you pay after your medical insurance. It may also compensate you for time off work or other expenses caused by a boat accident.

If you are hurt by someone else’s boat, you may be able to sue the boat owner or driver for their negligence. In that case, your boat accident injury lawyer will file a lawsuit against the person, or people, who caused the injury. You may be able to recover for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other loss connected with your injuries. The boater’s insurance provider will provide the funds to compensate you for your damages.

After a boat accident, you may find yourself navigating a number of insurance policies – including home insurance, health insurance, and of course, boat insurance. An experienced boat accident injury attorney can help you file the right claims with the right policies and pursue a lawsuit against the person who caused your injuries. The lawyers at Christensen Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan have been representing the victims of boat accidents for over twenty years. They will help you and your family through the process and make sure you are provided for.