Medical Expenses

Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance covers all medical expensesThe Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance Act makes sure that all of your medical expenses are covered after an auto accident. That doesn’t just mean doctors’ bills. What counts as a medical expense may be broader than you think.

Hospital Stays

Any expense related to time you spent in the hospital will be covered – from pain medication and housing costs to CT scans and x-rays. Whether you are taken to an emergency room directly or are admitted later by your primary care doctor, your hospital bills should be submitted directly to your auto insurance company for payment.

Doctor Visits

Every doctor you see as a result of the accident should also be submitting his or her bill to the auto insurance company. That includes emergency room doctors, your primary care physician, and any specialists you need to treat your injuries. Make sure you let all of these medical professionals know that your injury was because of an auto accident and provide them with your insurance information to avoid problems later on.


If you break a bone or are seriously injured, your doctor may prescribe physical therapy or other forms of therapeutic treatments to help you recover faster. Your no-fault insurance is required to cover everything from massage to speech therapy. In very serious auto accident cases, this therapy may continue for years, but your insurance provider can’t cut you off. There is no time limit on how long you receive therapy, as long as it is medically necessary and related to the car crash.


Your injury may require you to buy certain medical equipment, like crutches or grab bars. This equipment is considered a medical expense and is covered by your no-fault auto insurance. Even home modifications like ramps and handicap accessibility modifications can be covered as long as they are prescribed by a doctor or occupational therapist.


Many people forget to record their transportation costs after an auto accident. But whether it’s the ambulance that responded to the scene or your relative driving you to your doctor’s appointments, you can be reimbursed for the cost of transportation to and from medical appointments and treatments. After a serious car crash, many patients will use non-emergency medical transportation companies to get them to and from their treatments without being a burden on family and friends. With proper documentation, these costs can be covered as part of your First Party Benefits.

The medical expenses covered by the Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance Act spread far further than just your doctor’s bill. As you prepare for your case, your Christensen Law auto accident attorney will go through all these expenses with you to help you make sure you recover all of the medical benefits you deserve.