Truck Accident Attorney

When a semi truck or tractor-trailor is involved in motor vehicle accidents, they are serious on many levels. Truck accidents can cause serious injuries, involve many different insurance companies, and can threaten businesses and livelihoods. An experienced truck accident attorney is a must any time an over-the-road truck driver is involved in a trucking accident.

The Many Players of a Truck Accident

In a typical car crThe semi truck accident attorneys at Christensen Law have represented truck accident victims for over 20 yearsash each driver has one auto insurance provider. Passengers may add another defendant to the case, but the companies involved PIP cases are still usually straight forward. But in a truck accident, there are a lot more interests to be considered. On top of drivers and passengers’ insurance policies, truck accident attorneys must consider the owners of the tractor and the trailer, the trucking company, and the owner and distributor of the cargo being hauled.

Any or all of these companies may have insurance that will cover part of the damage caused by the accident. Many cargo distributors carry separate policies to cover the merchandise being shipped. Trucking companies may also insure the cargo and may also insure the trailer. If the driver does not own his or her rig, the semi-truck owner will have separate personal injury and collision insurance to cover any injuries or damages caused by an accident involving the truck.

Truck Drivers Face Additional Threats

Even with all these layers of insurance, truck drivers still need to maintain their own insurance policies to cover themselves in the case of an accident. Any serious motor vehicle accident can ruin a person’s life, but truck drivers are at special risk. That is because any serious at-fault accident could cause them to lose the commercial driver’s license (CDL) they need to make a living. This is important to truck accident attorneys because it could affect a driver’s willingness to admit fault or settle a truck accident case.

Truck Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Truck accident lawsuits get particularly complicated because they are more likely than two-car accidents to cause serious, life-changing injuries. The size of a semi-truck and the momentum a tractor-trailer can build up while moving at highway speeds increases the risk of a high-injury accident or fatal crash.

In addition to their size, many semi-trucks carry dangerous and even explosive materials. Many trailers carry warnings for drivers to stay back depending on their cargo. Others warn of truck drivers’ large blind spots to remind drivers to keep an eye out for truckers changing lanes. Even so, every year, semi-trucks carrying dangerous cargo are involved in severe, and sometimes deadly crashes.

Any time a tractor-trailer is involved in a motor vehicle accident, injured motorists need to be certain to hire experienced truck accident attorneys. The team at Christensen Law have been representing the victims of trucking accidents for over 20 years. They will take on all the insurance companies involved and make sure you or your family member get the coverage you needs.