Truck Accidents

Truck AccidentsAny auto accident can cause insurance headaches, but when trucks are involved it can be even more confusing. Whether you are a truck driver in an accident or have been hit by a tractor trailer, you are facing another level of complexity in your no-fault case.

Truck Accidents Make Complicated Cases

That’s because of the number of different insurance providers involved. A single semi truck could be covered by as many as three different insurance policies: the driver, the shipping company, and the cargo owner. Add to that the other driver’s insurance policy and any passengers, and you get a maze of liability hurdles. Each insurance provider will point to the others to get them to pay for your injuries.

The experienced no fault auto accident attorneys at Christensen Law can help you figure out the division of responsibility (called priority). Whether it is filing a claim against your own no-fault insurance provider for your injuries or bringing a lawsuit against an at-fault truck driver and his or her company, Christensen Law will help you take the right steps to get your injuries covered.

If you are a truck driver yourself, Christensen Law can also help you tease out what part of the damages and injuries your insurance will cover, and what parts will be paid for by your company or the cargo owner.

Truck Accidents Can Cause Severe Injuries

Because of the weight and size of most semi trucks, accidents with tractor trailers tend to cause more serious injuries than similar accidents between two cars. That means there is a better chance your injuries will qualify you for a Third Party lawsuit for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Even here, you will be dealing with two different defendants: the driver and the shipping company. If the driver was on the job when the accident happened, you may be able to get compensation from the larger transportation company, rather than the individual truck driver.

Some Truck Accidents Cause More Property Damage

Sometimes, tractor trailers carry explosive or hazardous materials. If these semi trucks get into accidents, the impact can spread their load across the other vehicles and roadway, causing substantial property damage to motorists and public property alike.

The good news is that the makers of these hazardous materials ordinarily are required to maintain special insurance to cover these kinds of accidents. The bad news is that these insurance providers will often try to avoid liability by blaming the accident on drivers’ negligence or a problem with the shipping rig. This finger pointing can take a some time to sort out and make sure the right policy pays for the right property damage.

The attorneys at Christensen Law have been representing trucking accident victims for over 20 years. They have proven success negotiating the insurance minefield and getting their clients the recovery they need.